Day 3

Conference Sessions

Triple Your Money with this 1 Simple Momentum Strategy

Brian Christopher, Editor of Profit Line

On the Hunt for Pot’s Next 1,000% Winner

Matt Badiali, Editor of Front Line Profits and Anthony Planas

Have Fun Turning $5k into $100k… in One Year

Chad Shoop, Editor of Quick Hit Profits, Banyan Hill Publishing

Recession Alert: Gain Triple Digits Every Three Months While Investors are Losing Their Minds

John Ross and Matt Badiali, Editors of Apex Profit Alert

Mainstream Blockchain is Here: Buy this Publicly Traded Company for 400% Gains in the Next Year

Ian King, Editor of Crypto Profit Trader

The Alpha Stock Alert: How We Find The Hottest — And Safest — Stocks On The Market

Ted Bauman, Editor of Alpha Stock Alert

Uruguay: The Unique Safe Haven for Real Estate and Land Investors

Juan and Sancho

Tech Boom 2.0: The Sustainable IPO Boom of the Roaring (20)20’s… and Why Robinhood Will be the Best Way to Play it

Paul Mampilly and Hudson Cashdan, Editors of IPO Speculator

Project Chance

Matt Badiali, Editor of Real Wealth Strategist