Day 3 – Saturday, September 22

Conference Sessions

Welcome & The Perfect System for Late Business Cycle Investing

John Wilkinson, Master of Ceremony, Ted Bauman, Editor of Alpha Stock Alert, Banyan Hill Publishing

Trade Alert: Hacking Traders’ Brains to Generate 234% Gains

John Ross, Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing, with Matt Badiali

A Step-by-Step Guide to How My Readers Made 1,388% Gains in 1 Day

Chad Shoop, Editor of Quick Hit Profits, Banyan Hill Publishing

Sky-High Profits: The 1 Rare Material You Need to Own … Before It Disappears

Ian Dyer, Editor of Rapid Profit Trader, Banyan Hill Publishing, with Paul Mampilly

A Field Trip to Two Potential Ten-Baggers

Matt Badiali, Editor of Front Line Profits, Banyan Hill Publishing

The Top 5 Ways to Profit From “the VIX Flip”: Volatility Trading Made Easy

Mike Carr, Editor of Precision Profits, Banyan Hill Publishing

How to Make Big Double-Digit Profits in a Bear Market

Eric Roseman, President and CIO of ENR Asset Management Inc.

How to Use “Goingupness” to Maximize Your Profits

Paul Mampilly, Editor of Extreme Fortunes, Banyan Hill Publishing


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