Day 2 – Friday, September 21

Conference Sessions

Welcome & Operation Asset Protection: Surviving the Crash

John Wilkinson, Master of Ceremony – Bob Bauman, Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing

The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History – Cybercrime and You

Brad Deflin, Founder, Total Digital Security

They All Want Your Money … Which Ones Deserve It?

Ted Bauman, Editor of The Bauman Letter, Banyan Hill Publishing

Cybersecurity Panel Discussion

Brad Deflin, Ted Bauman, Jeff Yastine

End of the Crypto Bear Market: The 1 Trade to Make Today

Ian King, Editor of Crypto Profit Trader, Banyan Hill Publishing

A Simple Math-Based System for Beating the Billionaires

Richard Smith, CEO and Founder of TradeSmith

How to Legally Profit From Insider Tip-Offs

Brian Christopher, Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing with Jeff Yastine

Asset Protection and Estate Planning Techniques Under Trump Tax Laws

Josh Bennett, Josh N. Bennett, Esq.

Project Chance

Matt Badiali, Editor of Real Wealth Strategist, Banyan Hill Publishing

Conference Resources